Making every drop count.

Clipping our water usage

Our A&W coupons save more than just money. We are now using an environmentally responsible paper made locally in British Columbia. 87% of the fibre used to produce this paper comes from sawmill wood chips that would otherwise be waste. Our paper supplier is a recognized leader in sustainability, and has been able to reach carbon-neutral status in their manufacturing processes. In addition to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants, they have also made significant reductions in water usage. Our switch to this new paper means we save enough water each year to fill 112 backyard pools!

A breath of cold air.

We care a lot about how we keep our A&W Root Beer® cold. That’s why we’re installing high efficiency air-cooled refrigerators in all our new restaurants. By making the switch from water-cooled refrigeration, each restaurant now saves enough water per year to fill half an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

new dishwasher

Why dish duty isn’t so bad.

At A&W, we appreciate the importance of preserving water. It’s a global concern, and we know we have to do our part to conserve this dwindling vital resource.

That’s why we’ve already installed new dishwashers at 581 of our restaurants. These machines use fewer chemicals and save 3.25 litres of water per cycle — that’s over 4 million litres saved per year across Canada. In time, we’ll replace each one of our old dishwashers with a new, energy efficient model.